Generac Protector Diesel RA Series 20kW, No Mobile Link, NFPA Capable


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All the conveniences of modern living—heat, central air, refrigeration, communication—are nothing without power. When the power supply is disrupted, our lives and businesses can come to a sudden halt. An automatic standby generator protects you from power failures, restoring power within seconds of an outage, so you can have peace of mind and the power you need. Generac’s Protector™ Series diesel generators, with the Power Zone 410 controller, raise the bar for light commercial diesel generators. Building and zoning codes can vary wildly from one region to another. In the past, the only answer was to order expensive, custom-configured solutions. Until now. Generac’s diesel-powered Protector Series features a set of popular preconfigured options and a range of code-driven accessories, so you can feel confident that your generator will be able to conform to the required local codes. The Protector Series, with Power Zone 410 control, is NFPA 110 compliant with proper accessory kits and servicing, and is an affordable optional standby diesel generator for your backup power needs.